Residential Home Construction

At Woodmark Homes we pride ourselves in the amount of detail we put into every project.  Our residential projects are very special to us.  You've entrusted us to build your home, not a house.  A place where you'll raise your family or retire and enjoy life with few cares to the world.  Regardless of the reason, each home we build will be based on your dreams and desires, what ultimately will make you comfortable. 

Our homes are unique to you.  We do not build "cookie cutter homes" that look like every other house on the block.  We'll sit down, go through every desire and wish you have, then put the plans together for you to review, beginning the process of bringing that dream to reality.

We are extremely transparent in our project planning and costing.  We put together a complete book for you showing plans, complete costs and our overhead/profit.   You'll know exactly how much everything costs for the entire project.  Should budgets require adjustments - you'll be able to see the cost of everything and make an informed decision on what will need to change.  This is why we are so trusted in the projects we do.


Below you'll find a small sampling of residential projects we've completed.  There are images that range from "during construction" to the completed project.   If you would like Woodmark Homes to build your home, we welcome your call and look forward to sitting down with you.