Personal, creative, patient, professional are a few of the words that describes out experience we have witnessed about Steve McDaniel as he led us through the details of the design of our new home. Also, we have received confidence when hearing from retailers and clients of his diligence to assure all details of the build will be accomplished as required.

Thanks. We've built four homes in the past, and how you do things is exactly how we did our last home. We've even experienced a builder going out of business and not paying sub-contractors, etc (ha!) so we even know how to navigate that, now! We ended up paying to finish our current house ourselves. Your way is really the best way to do it. We learn something with each home we build. If anything comes up, let us know.

We were apprehensive, not ever having been through such a project, much less while we conducted busy lives all around the mess. Steve was expert, client-focused, practical, responsible, trustworthy, reliable, accessible and on the job, throughout.

Thanks for an impressive 2 hours. Wife Georgia was apprehensive and somewhat down believing what she "wants" would be beyond our means. When we got into our car to come home, I asked her if she felt better.  She did! You gave her confidence you could do about anything, At this early stage, I'm confident that we will be able to develop a plan that we can handle.

Both Laura and I are very impressed with your work, dedication and your attention to detail.