Covered Bridge

A Private Covered Bridge

This was an exceptionally unique project.  It was a special request for a property owner who was also having an estate built by us.  This bridge ultimately is for cart and foot traffic, not full size vehicle traffic.  However if you look at the beams, it could very well support it.


When you look at the end product, the steel beams are actually hidden within the wood clad exterior wall faces so that they would not be visible to the public.


The installation of the beams was the biggest strategic masterpiece of the project.  Due to the sizes of the beams, and the ground conditions, the cost to move these beams into place using traditional methods, such as cranes, was going to cost in excess of 6 figures.  Through some solid engineering, I waited until winter when the pond was frozen solid, and used a method of having the beams slid across the frozen pond, then simply lifted to their final resting place.  All in total, we safely and effectively completed the beam move/setting for less than $10,000.






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