Both Laura and I are very impressed with your work, dedication and your attention to detail.

The desk I have for the loft is 60 inches wide and 35 inches deep. The height in the back is 53 inches. I do not yet have the file cabinet and the dimensions are not on their website, however, a similar one is 20 inches wide. I would say that an area 84 inches wide and at least 53 inches high at the back should work fine.

One question related to the loft. I know that we are planning bookshelves on the wall behind the desk. I also have a bookshelf that is 48" high that I would like to put on the west wall under the window. Will the wall support a window whose bottom is 48" above the floor or can the bookshelf sit beside the window?

One basement question. We did not discuss a daylight window in the basement. Would the wall directly opposite the stairway entrance/exit (east wall in corner of "family room") support a daylight window. This is the "low" side of the site.

Also, I was completely serious about my statements yesterday. Both Laura and I are very impressed with your work, dedication and your attention to detail. Please do not "shave" your fees to make the project cheaper. I am very focused on the cost because that is the way I was raised. I would be even if I had the money your client *** has. I have started working the numbers in detail and the cost of the house is starting to bother me less and less. Wait a minute, don't add another 1000 sq ft just yet. It is really a psychological question of me accepting the fact that we are really building a >$300K house. Our first house cost us $37K in 1980. I simply need to accept the fact that this is not 1980 and we are not building a house as small as our first one. I also need to keep in mind that I had more in Federal withholding this year than I made for a salary in 1980.

I have attached a picture of that first house. I thought you might find it interesting. Please note that our house was the front structure. The large 2nd house behind the first was not there when we lived there.

Thanks again for all your help. It is a pleasure working with you.


Personal, creative, patient, professional are a few of the words that describes out experience we have witnessed about Steve McDaniel as he led us through the details of the design of our new home. Also, we have received confidence when hearing from retailers and clients of his diligence to assure all details of the build will be accomplished as required.

Thanks. We've built four homes in the past, and how you do things is exactly how we did our last home. We've even experienced a builder going out of business and not paying sub-contractors, etc (ha!) so we even know how to navigate that, now! We ended up paying to finish our current house ourselves. Your way is really the best way to do it. We learn something with each home we build. If anything comes up, let us know.

We were apprehensive, not ever having been through such a project, much less while we conducted busy lives all around the mess. Steve was expert, client-focused, practical, responsible, trustworthy, reliable, accessible and on the job, throughout.

Thanks for an impressive 2 hours. Wife Georgia was apprehensive and somewhat down believing what she "wants" would be beyond our means. When we got into our car to come home, I asked her if she felt better.  She did! You gave her confidence you could do about anything, At this early stage, I'm confident that we will be able to develop a plan that we can handle.

Both Laura and I are very impressed with your work, dedication and your attention to detail.